Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything that you make really natural?

Yes! We use the finest plant-based ingredients we can find. This includes oils, butters, and essential oils. Our products are all-natural, non-GMO and free of artificial preservatives, chemical and synthetics.


Where do you source your materials from?

All of our ingredients are ethically produced and sourced from organic growers and distillers around
the world.


Why does Foliée use hemp seed oil in their products?

Hemp seed oil is a beauty and wellness superstar! It is rich in essential fatty acids and nourishing vitamins, such as A and E (both considered to be potent antioxidants), with tremendous moisturizing qualities. Hemp seed oil is thought to possess powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it can also help relieve pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis.


Do your products contain CBD or THC?

None of our products currently contain any active cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is cold pressed from the hemp seed. The oil alone does not contain CBD or any other cannabinoids. However, once Canadian legislation allows for cannabis topicals to be sold in Canada, key products from our collection will be infused with the highest quality organic cannabis and cannabis extracts. Research has shown that the “topical route of administration is preferred by most medical cannabis patients as it results in maximum therapeutic benefits without cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods.” (MarketWatch)


Are your products vegan & gluten-free?

Yes, all our products are vegan and gluten-free.


Do your products contain any nut oils?

Our products contain coconut oil and mainly seed oils and butters. Some of our products do contain sweet almond oil. We recommend reading our label and ingredient lists carefully, and consult your doctor if you have a nut or seed allergy.